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Start and end date: 01/10/2004 to 30/09/2006
Funding frame: EU: LEONARDO DA VINCI
Duration: 24 months
Project coordinator: Institut Montéclair

Aims of the project

New needs are required by visually impaired persons as regards a better recognition of their skills and a greater will to have access to new jobs. The professionals who are supporting them in their employment or vocational training have some specific job qualification which can not fit all the demands often mentioned.

To fit the demand of the visually impaired, who would like an overall support such as rehabilitation or training so as to enhance their independence and job integration, the working or about to work professionals who act closed to that population need a global training for visual impairment in order to understand better the expressed needs and to relieve them in an optimal way.

The purpose, according to the context, is to train the working or about to work professionals in the visually impairment’s field for the visually impaired by setting up a European scaled standardized training program through the synergy of five partner countries involved in the project.

To get more information about PROVIPTRAIN, please visit the project website in the Grundtvig database (ref. FR-2008-219-001).

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