Psychological and Psychiatric Comorbidity Diagnosed in Visually Impaired Adults

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Start and end date: December 1, 2023 – November 30, 2026
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Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in adult education
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Project Coordinator: Robert Coppes Foundation (Netherlands)


In the previous PsyCoVIA-project the focus was on the complexity of supporting people with vision impairment and additional mental health problems. During this project professionals and clients mentioned the struggles with assessing mental health (psychological and psychiatric) problems in people with vision impairment.

There is hardly any literature available on how to perform psychological assessment with this specific target group. Within the total population of people with vision impairment, this is a relatively small group. Therefore, it is essential to collect good practices to develop more expertise regarding the assessment challenges.

This project aims to bring assessment of the mentioned multiple disabilities in a more holistic perspective to avoid that people of this target group will have to tell their story over and over, that they are heard and seen as individuals with disabilities instead of the other way around, and that the best suitable care can be arranged to ultimately improve their participation in society.


During five Transnational Project Meetings (TPM), professionals and clients from five countries will share their knowledge, experiences and tools on assessment in people with vision impairment and additional mental disorders. They will bring together their expertise on psychological, low vision and daily functioning assessment, and share the current situation on multidisciplinary consultation.

Five ‘Transnational Project Meetings’ (TPM)

Every partner will organize a TPM of two days in which a specific comorbid mental disorder will be the theme of the meeting. The following TPM’s with specific themes will be organized:

Organisation Country Theme
Robert Coppes Foundation The Netherlands Personality Disorders and psychoses
Centar za odgoj I obrazovanje Vinko Bek Croatia Addiction and eating disorders
Vakok Ovodaja, Altalanos Iskolaja Hungary Posttraumatic stress disorder and behavioral disorders
Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde Belgium Autism spectrum disorders
Berufsförderungswerk Halle Germany Depression and anxiety

Book of Good Assessment Practices

All collected good practices from the five TPMs will be brought together in a digital ‘Book of Good Assessment Practices’. This book will be shared on different platforms and can be used for training.

Project partners

Project Coordinator:

Other partners:

  • Centar za odgoj I obrazovanje Vinko Bek (Croatia)
  • Vakok Ovodaja, Altalanos Iskolaja (Hungary)
  • Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde (Belgium)
  • Berufsförderungswerk Halle (Germany)