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Start and end date: October 2022
Funding frame:
October 2025
Funding Frame: 
Co-Funded by the EU, Erasmus+, Dutch National Agency

Project aim

Tacticos aims to provide high-quality and well-tested guidelines for designing and producing cost-effective tactile books and tactile illustrations.

A crucial aspect of this project is bridging the gap that currently exists between (VI) professionals on one side and producers of materials for people with visual impairments on the other. There is a significant need to establish a common ground for various experts in the field to find smarter, more creative, and cost-effective ways to produce tactile illustrated books. For the first time, our guidelines bring together all this essential information in one place, targeting all types of experts involved in the production process. The guidelines will offer a variety of design strategies for tactile illustrated books and tactile illustrations, instructions on the use of materials, techniques, and their connection to different learning needs. The guidelines will also explore new techniques that can simplify, speed up, and reduce the cost of the design and production process.

By promoting collaboration among partners, utilizing existing platforms, and organizing collaborative and promotional activities, the project will create opportunities for cooperation among various stakeholders to produce more motivating and engaging tactile illustrated books.

Project partners

Tacticos is a three-year Erasmus+ project that brings together experts from:

  • Visio (Netherlands)
  • Dedicon (Netherlands)
  • LDQR (France)
  • VyV3 (France)
  • Spermalie (Belgium).

The team is also supported by two external advisors: Bob Marek (Hungry Fingers, Poland) and Ann Conefrey (a designer specializing in tactile graphic design).