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Start and end date: September 2022
Funding frame: September 2025
Funding Frame: Co-Funded by the EU, Erasmus+, Dutch National Agency

Project aim

Touching Maths+ aims to develop an Extended Mathematics Core Curriculum (EMCC) for braille readers, enabling them to achieve the same academic goals in learning mathematics as their sighted peers. Mathematics teachers will be equipped with tools and teaching methods that enhance the inclusion of braille readers in the classroom. The established methodology for creating comprehensive core curricula can further be used for other mathematical topics or even subjects beyond mathematics.

The EMCC involves additional knowledge and skills that braille readers need to understand and engage with mathematics. For example, reading mathematical symbols in braille, interpreting tactile drawings and graphs, and using specific software accessible to braille readers. We will also develop a guide for braille professionals outlining how to teach these knowledge and skills described in the EMCC. In this project, we will explore and describe adaptations to teaching approaches and instructional materials in mathematics, including reverse adaptations that will also benefit low vision and visually impaired students. In addition to detailing these adaptations, we will create a guide for mathematics teachers of braille readers. Therefore, the outcomes of producing an EMCC and related materials are ground-breaking in the overall educational approach and instructional materials for braille readers.

Project partners

TouchingMaths+ is an Erasmus+ project that involves international collaboration among professionals from three different organizations and countries:

  • Visio (Netherlands)
  • SPSM (Sweden)
  • Statped (Norway)