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Start and end date: 01/01/2010 to 31/12/2011
Funding frame: EU: Grundtvig Multilateral Projects
Duration: 24 months
Project coordinator: BFW Halle
Project website: bfw-halle.org

Aims of the project

The project supports blind and vision impaired persons who want to improve their professional and social image to meet the needs of a modern job market. The project focuses on strengthening their self-determination and communicative competencies. It seeks to empower blind and vision impaired persons to express themselves confidently in social and professional environments despite their individual handicap.

The project aims at providing impairment specific face-to-face training combined with modern techniques of mobile learning and networking designed to be accessible for people with low eyesight. Based on our experience with accessibility in e-learning we want to extend the offers for people with low eyesight to those trainings that provide them with key competencies for applying and staying in a job and that also widen their European understanding.

Within the project learning modules are being developed which cover those topics like:

  • Eye diseases, their impact and compensation
  • Human interaction and individual strategies for to communicate one’s own impairment
  • Employers’ requirements, national policies for supporting impaired persons at workplaces
  • Professional communication at the workplace

Not only the blind and vision impaired themselves will benefit but also persons in their individual environment and employers will get a better understanding for the blind and vision impaired in a European context.

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