SenseMath – Making Sense of Math

pictures of sensemath app

Math is one is the most challenging subject for many students. Graphical information and the level of abstraction in mathematics makes it inaccessible and specially difficult to comprehend for blind students. However mathematics is therefore a very important part of education, because the knowledge and skills that are acquired are applied in all kinds profession and daily situations.

To make math more accessible, useful and possibly even more fun, Visio has developed the iPhone app SenseMath. With SenseMath, every mathematical function (like y is x squared plus 3) can be converted into sound. With an audio representation of a graph it’s possible to get a quick overview of a graph. It’s give information about the sort function it concerns, like a mountain or valley parabola and the number of function that are presented in the graph. The mathematical elements, such as intersections and extrema, are made audible as well and the playback speed can be easily changed. SenseMath is not a calculator; reading the coordinates of a point is unfortunately not possible. But still it’s a very valuable addition to tactile drawings.

SenseMath has been developed with a large group of experts of mathematicians, programmers, accessibility experts and end users to achieve the best usability and accessibility.

In the app a function can be entered using the math keyboard specially developed for SenseMath. Each function is displayed in image, speech and braille, via a linear or mathematical notation. In addition to the functions, mathematical elements, such as intersections and extrema, can be toggled on or off in sound during playback with the use of the VoiceOver rotor. The user is in control and determines the most desirable way to analyse a graph. SenseMath makes optimal use of VoiceOver functionalities.
For a Dutch student it’s possible to upload every graph from a specific math text book, by entering the ISBN number of the book.

In April 2022 SenseMath won two Dutch Interactive Awards; the most important awards in the Netherlands for online content. The jury of ‘tools’ category” saw a cross-media approach at its best, built around user-centric design. This is clearly an innovative new interface with a huge and positive impact for the target group: an admirably well and extremely well executed concept”. In the category ‘future interfaces’ the jury “particularly appreciated that this is indeed a completely new interface: exactly what this category is all about. The impact of this product is enormous and the worldwide potential is great.”

To make this come true Visio is always open for suggestions and tips to improve SenseMath. If it would be possible to make it more accessible and fit for students outside of The Netherlands, Visio would love to be in contact to talk about your thoughts and concerns. So please contact Visio through

Download SenseMath for free at the Apple AppStore