SHARE – Teaching Braille Manual

Teaching Braille book cover

To enable and increase access to Braille teaching Visio International has developed: “Teaching Braille, a manual for teachers, parents and policy makers”. The online manual is based on Unified English Braille (UEB) and explains different stages of braille learning: from preparatory to beginner braille and advanced braille. Focus is also on the way of teaching Braille. The book contains many links, practical examples and attention is paid to different materials with which you can teach Braille.

This book is intended for people who work with blind or partially sighted children, many of the ideas may be useful if you work with older children or adults. This book focuses especially on techniques that do not solely depend on expensive equipment and materials. The book emphasizes instead things you can find or make easily. It is especially aimed at the following people:

  • Teachers and classroom assistants who have visually impaired children in their classroom, both in special and mainstream schools
  • Parents, caregivers and siblings of visually impaired children.
  • Decision-makers: education officers, school principals and others who make decisions about the education of blind and visually impaired children.

You can download the book via the following link: