“Veljko Ramadanovic” School celebrates 100 years


Our Serbian partner is celebrating 100 years, in December! The School for Visually Impaired Pupils “Veljko Ramadanovic“ was established in 1917, in Biserta, Tunisia. In 1919, its location changed to Zemun, Belgrade, in Serbia. “Veljko Ramadanovic” is a school for students with visual impairment from all over Serbia.

To celebrate this important event with guests and friends, various activities will take place from December 11 to December 13, 2017: on December 11th, a Conference on the topic “Work with visually impaired and multiple disabled visually impaired children – new tendencies in work. Achievements and problems in work with these children” will be organized. On December 13th, a ceremony will be held in one of Belgrade’s beautiful theaters.

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