Orientation And Mobility For Firefighters

"We are also blind in smoke" - Orientation and Mobility for Firefighters

Project acronym:
Registration number:
Start and end date:
November 2011 to November 2011
Project website:
www.vakisk.hu (link is external)
Project countries:
Coordinating organization:
HU: School for the Blind, Budapest
Ms Agnes Somorjai
Coordinator email:
somorjai.agnes@gmail.com (link sends e-mail)

Aim of the project:

On this special training, the O&M instructors teach firefighters a more subtle use of senses and the instructors show that it is not only vision that can help orientation.
Through working out, presenting and acquiring the firefighters’ O&M method, embedding it into daily practice, and adapting the unified communication code, firefighters will be able to move self-confidently and safely in unfavourable visual conditions. 
Using and applying this knowledge to make cognitive amd overview maps, this increases the efficiency of operations.