Academy publications language norwegian

Date: 19 Jun 2014
Author: Statped sør øst

A web site that aims to be an information base and a learning resource about how it is to live with impaired vision and / or hearing. It shows examples of measures that can be implemented and how the environment can relate to visual and hearing impairments to improve conditions both physically and socially. The web site is aimed at staff working in elderly care, but it can also be used by people who have vision and / or hearing impairment.

Date: 14 Jun 2013
Author: Oslo Voksenopplæring Skullerud

A Norwegian example of communication within a family where the father has lost most of his hearing. Also an example of communication between an elderly couple. Both of the people have reduced hearing.

Date: 31 Jan 2009
Author: Eikholt National Resource Centre for the Deafblind

This brochure talks about deadfblindness, The Norwegian Resource System for Persons with Deafblindness, the regional resource centres, recource centres with nationwide services, the coordinating unit, the advisory committee and organisations for people with deafblindness.