Effects of ageing on touch

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ABSTRACT A decline in the main sensory modalities is well reported to occur with ageing. This article outlines the normal pathways involved in touch sensation and includes a review of available evidence relating to the study of ageing and touch. 

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Scientific publications

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M M Wickremaratchi and J G Llewelyn

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Postgrad Medicine Journal



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The authors try to use what is known about the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of ageing to explain the impact on some broad functional deficits seen in the elderly population. The importance of understanding how the normal ageing process affects touch sensation is emphasised.


  • Abstract
  • The sensory pathways
  • The central nervous system
  • The peripheral nervous system
  • Light touch
  • Pain and temperature
  • Vibration sense
  • Spatial acuity of touch
  • Skin changes and touch
  • Nerve conduction studies
    • Speech
    • Hand grip
    • Postural stability
  • Conclusion
  • Footnotes
  • References

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