Europe's response to World Ageing Promoting economic and social progress in an ageing world A contribution of the European Commission to the 2nd World Assembly on Ageing

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This communication constitutes the contribution of the European Commission to the 2nd World Assembly on Ageing. It represents an input from the European Commission to the international debate on the new International Plan of Action on Ageing. As such it is intended to develop a common EU position on the plan.

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Good practises

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European Commission

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European Commission



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With this Communication the Commission proposes to share the experience from co-operation on ageing issues at EU level, which illustrates the need for a policy approach encompassing the economic, employment and social dimensions of ageing. The Commission is fully aware of the diversity of the ageing challenges across the world and that its experience cannot necessarily be transposed to other contexts. Nevertheless, it is convinced that its experience can be used to develop ideas. Responding to ageing issues in the world calls for a collective effort of international collaboration to promote sustainable development at global level.

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