Guide Dogs For The Blind - Seniors Program

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The "Guide Dogs for the Blind Seniors" Program covers all services free of charge including:

-Transportation to and from the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus
-Room and board
-Dog equipment
-A Guide Dog

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Programs For Elderly



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After an initial application, an interview and in home visit by representatives from "Guide Dogs for the Blind" is scheduled. An assessment of the senior's environment and observations of mobility style and common travel routes are taken. 

Home, work and social needs important to the senior are discussed as well as what type of dog would be the best match. 

To qualify for the "Guide Dogs for the Blind Seniors" Program, seniors should be independent travelers and be able to provide a guide dog with meaningful routes and destinations. 

The "Guide Dogs for the Blind Seniors" Program has two class training programs available to seniors, in either a 2-week or a 3-week program. 

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