ICT for ageing well: Listen to what older persons think!

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This publication presents the outcomes of a small qualitative study that took place in the frame of the European Union-funded Home Sweet Home project. It aims at shedding the light to barriers and enablers for the acceptance of new technologies that are introduced to help older persons live autonomously and manage better their health.

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Nena Georgantzi, Heidrun Mollenkopf, Marja Pijl and Ophélie Durand

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AGE Platform Europe



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1.Introduction 3

› About the Home Sweet Home project 3

› About the technology 4

› About the Advisory Board 5

› Why such a study 5

2.Who are the users? 7

› Is there an ideal user? 8

› What are older persons’ experiences and views on technology? 9

3.What matters to older persons? 10

› Do I need it? 10

› Can I use it? 12

› Can I trust it? 13

› Can I afford it? 14

› How will it change my life? 15

4.Conclusions and recommendations 18

5.Case studies 19

Case Study 1: Ms Maria Garcia (Badalona) 19

Case Study 2: Ms Rosario Morales (Badalona) 20

Case Study 3: Mr Eduard Marques (Badalona) 22

Case Study 4: Ms Sheena O’Neill (Louth) 23

Case Study 5: Ms Wendy Callahan (Louth) 25

Case Study 6: Mr David Ahearn (Louth) 27

Case Study 7: Ms Joke Aerts (Antwerp) 30

Case Study 8: Mr Willy Bakker (Antwerp) 31

Case Study 9: Ms Maartje Coenen (Antwerp) 33

6.Acknowledgements and more information 35

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