In support of an active senior citizenship across Europe

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We want to use the opportunity of this European Year 2013 to highlight our work to promote a participative and inclusive democracy in Europe, and voice our recommendations for a stronger participation of older persons in society. In the following pages we will stress why and how AGE is working to strengthen civil dialogue on ageing and the involvement of older users in the production of solutions that suit their needs. 

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AGE Platform Europe

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AGE Platform Europe



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In the last part of the leaflet, you will also find our recommendations to policy makers and a series of suggestions for those NGOs that are willing to contribute to our objectives in this field.

We believe that civil dialogue on ageing and the involvement of older persons are key to fostering active senior citizenship and to contributing to the creation of an age-friendly European Union. Active senior citizenship helps design policy measures, products and services that better meet the needs and concerns of older persons, as well as recognise the contribution of older persons in society

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