Learn with Grandma by Valerie Wood-Gaiger

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Presentation at the 1st SensAge Conference 30th September 2012, Zagreb, Croatia

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Valerie Wood-Gaiger

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Valerie Wood-Gaiger




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Learn with Grandma has only been going since 2006. I used to write educational books and at the end of my books I added a Learn with Grandma section – to get the most educational value possible out of the stories.
We set Learn with Grandma as a not for profit company.

In 2008 I won an international award for innovation in education. We also took part in our first Grundtvig EU adult learning project – and I won £10,000 in a competition – which I donated to LwG. That got us going!

Since then I have spoken about intergenerational learning at quite a few conferences.
The furthest away was in Tanzania in May 2011. Learn with Grandma is now getting known in Africa, especially in Uganda – do look at http://youtu.be/epWhJEBX0Pk (link is external) - Grandma talks to teachers in Uganda.
Of course the message of Intergenerational Learning is the same for all over the world. 

The most spectacular progress has been in Uganda where, after hearing me speak in Tanzania Dr Moses Wamanga went to his government to ask permission to promote more ITC usage in schools & incorporate the Learn with Grandma concept of intergenerational learning. Following my advice he ran a couple of seminars and so many teachers came that his government realized that teachers really wanted to hear this message.
He is now employed by the Government to travel all over Uganda organizing seminars. That youtube clip has now been seen by nearly 1,000 teachers. His government has now asked him to start spreading this message to nearby countries.

We now have 15 Facebook pages in many different countries. How many of you are on FB? We can be friends! I am the only Valerie Wood-Gaiger so easy to find!

2012 has been challenging year. My administrator who had worked with me for over 10 years – decided it was time to go!
It was also time for me to also rethink what I wanted to achieve. I might be 71 but I have a few good years left in me!!

Learn with Grandma now has a new board of Directors – new aims – and a new lease of life!

I am so excited that The Beth Johnson Foundation asked me to be a volunteer champion for intergenerational learning throughout Wales and ArtsKids Foundation, based in The Netherlands, also want to work with me. These are very new collaborations but, as both organizations have many contacts in many countries and I hope this will help me achieve my ambition to establish a global network to encourage more intergeneration learning and for the generations to have fun together.

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