Lifelong Learning - A Tool For All Ages

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Lifelong Learning - A Tool For All Ages 

Lifelong learning is of key importance for individuals of all ages and holds an array of benefits for them and society. It promotes their full economic and societal participation, enables them to be better informed and more active citizens, contributes to their personal well being and fulfilment, supports their creativity and innovation, and increases their efficiency as workers or volunteers. 

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Good practises

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AGE Platform Europe

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AGE Platform Europe



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Learning is intrinsic and we engage in learning throughout our whole lives.
However, the age of an individual has a clear impact on their propensity to take up or have access to opportunities for training and lifelong learning. Participation rates decline in relation to a person’s age and level of initial education. This is an important challenge for policy makers. Training and educational efforts need to reach people of all ages. 

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