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Presbycusis: what is it?

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Mutualité francaise Anjou Mayenne


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Presbycusis is probably the most frequent cause leading to deafness in adults over 50.
It corresponds to the continuing decline of hearing generated by the ageing process of the hearing system. It particularly results from a gradual and continuous reduction of the number of cochlea cells. The resulting loss is bilateral and symetrical.
What are the warning signs?
• Difficulties of comprehension when in noisy environment
• Increase of TV and radio audio loudness experienced by the person's circle of family and friends
Most of the time, presbycusis develops when about 60 years old but may occur before due to genetic links. It exacerbates the other factors responsible for the decline in hearing :
- Chronic otitis
- Ossicles damage
- Noise trauma
Presbycusis is not the only sign for auditory impairment, and it is often associated with tinnitus

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