Stimulating Gerontechnology research in the UK

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The present article provides an overviews a 2004 initiative called EQUAL (Extend Quality of Life). EQUAL was concerned with a better understanding of the interactions between health, diet, and lifestyle; and the development of better technologies for healthy ageing. It was to address neighbourhood and individual security, improved leisure, and learning and financial services, as well as to help older people remain fit and active for as long as possible.

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Peter Lansley and Verity Smith

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University of Reading



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Underlying these objectives were serious concerns about the need to enhance independence and health, to compress morbidity and to reduce the burden on hospitals, residential care homes, and domiciliary care services. EPSRC responded with its own EQUAL Initiative. This was to embrace the needs of all people with physical, sensory, cognitive and mental impairments as well as those of older people.

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