The Housing and Support Needs of Adults Aged 18-55 with Impaired Vision: a good practice guide

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Although this guide gives general guidance for people with impaired vision aged 18-55, many good practices apply to peaople aged 55 and above.

This guide gives general guidance on the housing and support needs of adults aged 18- 55 with impaired vision. It is based on research carried out at University College London between March 2003 and February 2005, jointly sponsored by the Housing Corporation and Thomas Pocklington Trust.

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Good practises

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Julienne Hanson

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The Housing Corporation; Thomas Pocklington Trust; University College London



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The two year study involved questioning 240 blind and partially sighted adults living in London, Tyneside, the West Midlands and the Bristol area about their housing and support requirements, and talking to 90 stakeholder organisations in the four regions who were responsible for the delivery of housing and support services to visually impaired adults. The full research findings on which this guidance is based can be read in a series of reports that are available both on the UCL website and on the websites of the research sponsors. 

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