The Impact of Hearing Loss on Quality of Life in Older Adults

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Purpose: The authors investigate the impact of hearing loss on quality of life in a large population of older adults. 

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Scientific publications

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Dayna S. Dalton, Karen J. Cruickshanks, Barbara E. K. Klein Ronald Klein, Terry L. Wiley and David M. Nondahl

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The Gerontological Society of America



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Design and Methods: Data are from the 5-year follow-up Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study, a population-based longitudinal study of age-related hearing impairment conducted in Beaver Dam, WI. Participants (N=2,688) were 53-97 years old (mean=69 years) and 42% were male.
Implications: Severity of hearing loss is related to reduced QOL in older adults

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