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What is tinnitus?

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Mutualité francaise Anjou Mayenne


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Tinnitus (whistling or ringing in the ear) is the perception of sound within the human ear despite the absence of a corresponding external sound.
Tinnitus can be:

• the symptom of a disease of the auditory system,
• can occur after:
an acoustic trauma
a barotrauma (decompression disorder occurring in a plane or whilst scuba-diving)
an emotional shock

Tinnitus may decrease thanks to:
medical treatment derived from its primary use (vasodilators and anxiolytics)
the wearing of a white noise generator prosthesis, which can significantly reduce the perception of tinnitus.
alternative treatments (acupuncture, homoeopathy...)

Tinnitus affects 15% of the population at any stage in life and 30% of the older populations.

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