Vision Impairment and Hearing Loss Among Community-Dwelling Older Americans: Implications for Health

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Objectives. We investigated the health, activity, and social participation of people aged 70 years or older with vision impairment, hearing loss, or both. 

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Scientific publications

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John E. Crews and Vincent A. Campbell

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American Public Health Association



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Methods. We examined the 1994 Second Supplement on Aging to determine the health and activities of these 3 groups compared with those without sensory loss. We calculated odds ratios and classified variables according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health framework.

Results. Older people with only hearing loss reported disparities in health, activities, and social roles; those with only vision impairment reported greater disparities; and those with both reported the greatest disparities.

Conclusions. A hierarchical pattern emerged as impairments predicted consistent disparities in activities and social participation. This population’s patterns of health and activities have public health implications.

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