Visual Impairment in the Elderly: Impact on Functional Ability and Quality of Life

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In this article, we review the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in the aging eye and include information on the leading causes of vision loss in the elderly. 

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Juan Javier Servat, Miguel Risco, Yuri Rafael Nakasato and C. Robert Bernardino

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Clinical Geriatrics - A Clinical Journal of the American Geriatrics Society



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We also discuss medications with ocular side effects, such as amiodarone and busulfan, and examine the impact of visual impairment on elderly persons, including psychological and physical consequences, predisposition to motor vehicle accidents, quality of life, and mortality. 

Main parts

  •  The aging eyes
  • Medications and Their Correlation With Visual Impairment 
  • Impact of Visual Impairment on the Elderly
  • Quality of Life and Mortality
  • Discussion
  • References 

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