WEBINAR – SmartAIs – Digital Assistant for Outdoors

SmartAis Logo

Next ENVITER Webinar will be about “SmartAIs – Digital Assistant for Outdoors” and will be on July 25th, starting at 3:00pm (CET – Central European Time), using Zoom.

The presentation by Sascha Preget, from the SmartAIs development team, will be focusing on:

  • Presenting the digital assistant that will support blind and visually impaired people to avoid obstacles outdoors;
  • Discussing the product and approach with people from the community and getting valuable feedback;
  • Making connections with institutions from the blind community in other European countries than Germany.

SmartAIs is developing a digital AI-supported assistant that helps blind and severely visually impaired people move around outdoors and get them from one place to another more safely and quickly. The trick: instead of developing an additional device, SmartAIs is trying to implement the digital assistant as a smartphone app. The first step is to develop an obstacle detection app that provides information about obstacles in the walking route. The information currently reaches the user via bone-sound headphones; later, it will also be possible to transmit information via vibration.

About SmartAIs:

The four-member team has been pursuing its vision for a year now, has its origins at the Technical University in Munich and is in constant exchange with important organizations such as the Bavarian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V. and the Federal Association of Rehabilitation Teachers for the Blind and Visually Impaired e.V. The first prototype tests are currently taking place in Munich and the surrounding area.

If you wish to participate, please use the link below to send us your information.


On the day before the Webinar, the link to access the Zoom meeting will be send to you by email.